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Student Policies and Regulations

All Student Policies

Our student policies align with the Open University Student Charter.

These policy PDFs are compliant with accessibility legislation and can be read with a compatible screen reader. You can find further information about accessibility at the Open University in our Accessibility Statement.

  • Academic Conduct Policy

    This policy defines ‘plagiarism’ and highlights how to avoid academic misconduct.

  • Academic Freedom Principles Statement

    This is a University statement of academic freedom principles.

  • Academic Progress Policy

    This policy defines how The Open University monitors whether a student is making sufficient academic progress as defined in our regulations, how and when study restrictions may be applied, and how students can apply for permission to undertake further study given a study restriction.

  • Academic Regulations

    These regulations, together with the Conditions of Registration, define the basis of the academic relationship between the student and the University.

  • Accessibility

    The Open University Student Accessibility Policy confirms The Open University's approach to promoting accessibility and ensuring all our students are effectively supported in achieving success in Higher Education.

  • Admission of Applicants under the Age of 18

    This document sets out the University's policy for the admission of applicants under the age of 18 and includes the admissions process for applicants under the age of 16.

  • Advocacy

    The OU recognises that there are times when it may be easier for a student to communicate with the University through the use of an advocate.

  • Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption

    The purpose of this policy is to provide a definition of fraud, bribery and corruption.

  • Assessment Banking Rules

    The Assessment Banking Rules set out the conditions you will have to meet if, when you defer an eligible module, you wish to retain the scores from assessments you have completed.

  • Assessment Handbook

    The Assessment Handbook sets out The Open University's general policy relating to the different types of assessment you may have to complete for your modules.

  • Assessment Handbook (Microcredentials)

    The Assessment Handbook (Microcredentials) outlines The Open University’s policies relating to the assessment tasks you may have to complete as part of your course and explains the outcomes and/or result you will receive. This Handbook provides you with the general rules and regulations for completing and submitting your assessment task and explains the result grades we use, while separate course-specific information on your microcredential website will tell you about the individual assessment task for your microcredential.

  • Assessment through the Medium of Welsh

    Mae'r polisi hwn a chanllawiau perthnasol wedi cael eu llunio fel rhan o ymateb Y Brifysgol Agored i Hysbysiad Cydymffurfio Swyddfa Comisiynydd y Gymraeg a gyflwynwyd i'r Brifysgol Agored. Nod yr hysbysiad cydymffurfio yw sicrhau bod Y Brifysgol Agored yn bodloni gofynion diwygiedig Mesur y Gymraeg (Cymru) 2011. Rhan o'r telerau hyn yw bod myfyrwyr sy'n byw yng Nghymru yn cael cyflwyno aseiniadau neu sefyll arholiadau drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, a dylai'r polisi hwn a chanllawiau cysylltiedig amlinellu sut y bydd hyn yn cael ei weinyddu.

  • Careers and Employability Services: Statement of Service

    An outline of the advice and guidance available from Careers and Employability Services.

  • Changing Your Study Plans: Deferrals, Withdrawals and Cancellation

    An explanation of the rules that apply if you want to defer or withdraw from your studies, or want to change your choice of module or qualification.

  • Code of Practice for Student Assessment

    These regulations define how your study will be assessed.

  • Code of Practice for Student Discipline

    The aim of this code is to make sure that we maintain academic standards and provide an appropriate learning environment.

  • Complaints about The Open University as a Credit Broker

    If you believe you have been misadvised or misled during the introduction to OUSBA then you should make a formal complaint using this procedure.

  • Complaints and Appeals Procedure

    The Student Complaints and Appeals Procedures enable you to bring matters of concern to the attention of the University.

  • Computing

    The Open University Student Computing Policy sets out the expected ways in which you, as a student, will use Open University computing services in your studies.

  • Conditions of Registration

    The Conditions of Registration set out the terms and conditions (“Conditions”) that apply to registration for undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules and qualifications studied with The Open University.

  • Conditions of Registration for Apprentices

    The Conditions of Registration for Apprentices set out the terms and conditions (“Conditions”) that apply to registration for undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules and qualifications studied as part of an Apprenticeship Programme with The Open University, and the study of an Open University qualification as part of an Apprenticeship Programme.

  • Conditions of Registration for Postgraduate Research Students

    The Conditions of Registration for Postgraduate Research Students provide the terms and conditions that apply to registration for postgraduate research qualifications studies at The Open University. These Conditions set out the terms of the agreement between the student and the University.

  • Conditions of Registration: Short Courses

    The Conditions of Registration for Short Courses set out the terms and conditions (“Conditions”) that apply to registration for a non-credit bearing module from our Short Courses Prospectus.

  • Deferring your Microcredential Policy

    This policy applies to students studying an Open University microcredential via the FutureLearn platform.

  • Dignity and Respect

    This policy can be used to help deal with any form of bullying and harassment at the Open University.

  • Employability

    This policy outlines the University's approach to employability development for registered students.

  • Equality - The Open University Equality Scheme

    Information about the University’s legal duties, individual responsibilities and arrangements for managing different aspects of equality.

  • Ethical use of Student Data for Learning Analytics

    This policy aims to set out how the University will use student data in an ethical way in order to shape the student support provided.

  • Fee Rules

    These documents set out the rules that affect the fees, fee liabilities, fee refunds and fee credits for students.

  • Fitness to Practise

    This is the procedure to be followed in regard to the professional programmes offered by The Open University.

  • Fitness to Study Policy

    This policy sets out how we can support you with regards to your studies if a mental, emotional or physical disability affects the way you interact with the Open University community.

  • Freedom of Information Code of Practice

    This code of practice explains the two main responsibilities of the University under the FoIA, how information will be shared and what information is exempt.

  • Gender Identity

    This policy applies to current and former students who inform the University that they have made, or intend to make, the transition to a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.

  • Information, advice and guidance

    This policy sets out our policy on delivering information, advice and guidance to prospective, past and current students.

  • Library Services Statement of Service

    The Library statement of service is now hosted on a new website.

  • Open University Students Association Relationship Agreement

    The OU-OU Students Association Relationship Agreement sets out how the OU and OU Students Association will work together.

  • Plagiarism and Research Misconduct Policy (Postgraduate Research Students)

    Plagiarism is a form of cheating. It is the act of taking or copying someone else’s work, ideas, or intellectual property, including another student’s, and presenting it as if it were your own.

  • Pregnancy and Maternity

    This document outlines the policy and guidance that applies to students who might need support because their study is affected by pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption, fostering or in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

  • Prevent Principles

    As an institution of higher education, the OU has an important role in providing appropriate platforms to challenge extremist views and ideologies.

  • Recording of Online Tutorials

    The Open University’s policy on the recording of online learning events covering participants’ rights, and the use, retention and storage of these recordings.

  • Refund and Compensation Policy

    The Refund and Compensation policy sets out the circumstances where The Open University will offer compensation and/or refunds in the unlikely event that it is not possible to preserve continuation of study as a result of the withdrawal of a programme of study.

  • Religion and Belief

    This policy outlines the support available to students whose religion or beliefs may have an impact on their studies.

  • Research Code of Practice

    The Research Code of Practice sets out the principles that govern the conduct of research at The Open University, and the standards for good research practice. It applies to postgraduate research students, and Open University staff and visiting academics conducting, managing, supervising or supporting research.

  • Research Degree Regulations

    These regulations are the definitive statement on the regulatory framework governing Research Degrees at The Open University.

  • Research Degrees Handbooks

    Our research degrees handbooks tell you about the services available to you; and give advice about what to do at key points in your research degree studies.

  • Retention of Alumni Data and Records

    This policy defines the principles, time periods, mechanisms and responsibilities for the University’s retention of alumni personal data.

  • Retention of Student Data and Records

    This policy defines the principles, time periods, mechanisms and responsibilities for the university’s retention of student personal data.

  • Safeguarding - Ensuring the Safety of Children and Vulnerable/Protected Adults

    The University recognises that it has a duty of care in creating a safe environment.

  • Social Media

    The Open University Social Media Policy applies to you if you use social media in relation to your Open University studies.

  • Student Carers Policy

    This policy outlines the support that the University can provide for students who have caring roles.

  • Student Charter

    The Student Charter is the foundation stone on which our OU community is built.

  • Student Debt Policy

    This Student Debt policy covers the circumstances which might lead to you having outstanding fee and/or charges with The Open University as detailed in the Conditions of Registration and Fee Rules. It also outlines the means that will be undertaken to recover these outstanding amounts should you become in debt to The Open University.

  • Student Privacy Notice

    The Student Privacy notice sets out how we use your personal data.

  • Student Protection Plan

    The Student Protection Plan sets out the measures in place to protect students in the unlikely situation where a risk to the continuation of their studies arises.

  • Terms and Conditions: Corporate and Professional Development courses

    These Terms and Conditions apply to Learners who register for an Open University Corporate and Professional Development (CPD Course) on the CPD Learner Dashboard, where course start dates are from July 2021 onwards.

  • Terms and Conditions: Microcredentials (Courses starting before 2021)

    These Terms and Conditions apply to Students who register for an Open University Microcredential on FutureLearn with a course start date of before 31 December 2020.

  • Terms and Conditions: Microcredentials (Courses starting from 2021 onwards)

    These Terms and Conditions apply to Students who register for an Open University Microcredential on FutureLearn where course start dates are from January 2021 onwards.

  • Tutor Support Statement

    This statement was written for students, to expand on aspects of the Student Charter which relate to the relationship between students and their tutors.

  • Whistleblowing Policy

    This policy provides guidance to staff and students wishing to raise their reasonable suspicions about irregularities in the running of the University or of the activities of colleagues within the University.

  • Working out your Class of Honours

    Examples of how Honours classification works for undergraduate and Integrated Masters degrees.

For more information about changes to policy, terms and conditions, and curriculum visit the change log.