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Student Policies and Regulations

Academic Conduct Policy

This policy defines ‘plagiarism’ and other forms of academic misconduct and highlights how to avoid them.

If you submit an assignment that contains work that is not your own, without indicating this to the marker (acknowledging your sources), you are committing ‘plagiarism’ and this is an offence.

Submitting work that contains content that you have copied from somewhere else – including the module materials, other people, or any online sources – and not acknowledged, or making your own work available for others to copy may mean you are investigated for academic misconduct. The policy also contains information about how The Open University detects academic misconduct and what might happen if you are investigated.

Policy Documents

Effective for modules starting from 1 August 2021

Previous document versions

Effective for modules starting from 1 July 2017

For more information about changes to policy, terms and conditions, and curriculum visit the change log.