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Student Policies and Regulations

Safeguarding - Ensuring the Safety of Children and Vulnerable/Protected Adults

The University recognises that it has a duty of care in creating a safe environment.

The Open University is open to all. This includes children and young people who are under 18 and vulnerable/protected adults and adults at risk. In line with current legislation and guidance in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the University recognises that it has a duty of care in creating a safe environment for the above groups for their studies or employment, and, by working with appropriate external agencies, is committed to ensure that they are safeguarded and protected from harm.

If you are concerned that a child, young person, or vulnerable adult is in possible IMMEDIATE danger - including risk of suicide, please contact the Emergency Services by telephoning 999 or 112 from outside the UK.

If the individual is under 18 you must then email details about the incident to If you cannot send an email, call Tel +44(0) 1908 858284, and leave a message and the Safeguarding Referrals Team will contact you during standard business hours.

Note: If you have a safeguarding query or concern, please fill in this webform. Alternatively, send information to Please do not post hardcopy mail items regarding safeguarding to Open University offices during Covid-19 restrictions, as they will be missed until the sites re-open.

Policy Document

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