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Finding your next role Redundancy - your next steps

Finding work that relates to your studies

If you weren’t already working in a sector that matched what you’re studying with the OU, this could be the opportunity to make that change.

A good starting point would be looking at what you can do with your degree on Prospects to explore what options are available. You'll also find useful information on Careers with your OU subject.

Advice on looking for a new job

Create a routine for yourself, just as you would for a typical working day. Divide the day into chunks allocated to aspects of job hunting, whether it’s researching job vacancies, ringing up contacts or getting further information. Stick to your plan, include breaks and set a finish time.

Applying for jobs: an overview of the process gives you further advice on the process of looking and applying for jobs.

Make sure your CV is up to date and targeted to each job you apply for. Match the style of CV to your application, whether it’s chronological or skills-based. Decide exactly what information you want to present, why and how. Remember that direct and simple language is the most effective.

You will find tips and techniques on choosing the right type of CV in Wow to create it on How to write a CV. Prospects also has detailed advice on writing CVs, with guidelines on content, style and samples of different CV types.

Create your CV using a CV Builder, this will help you to produce the CV that is right for the roles you’re applying for.

When you get an interview it's important to be well prepared. Our article on Job interviews gives you details about the different types of interview you might be asked to attend, how to prepare for the interview and what to do after the interview.

Last updated 6 months ago