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Strengthen your skills and employability Redundancy - your next steps

Knowing your skills to help broaden your job prospects

This might be a good opportunity to look at the skills you already have and how they may be useful in your next role. Your skills and qualities can help you identify and analyse your skills and how they relate to skills employers look for.

Gaining new skills to help your employability

It’s always worthwhile to look at opportunities to increase your skills. For a list of employability skills and how to develop them see Skills development.

One method is to consider short-term voluntary work opportunities. For example helping out at a charity or local school, fundraising or taking part in a project for a company. Voluntary work can offer new experiences, get you noticed by employers, and add skills that’ll enhance your CV. For instance, volunteering as a trustee for a charity could give you the experience of chairing meetings, strategic planning and advising others. Voluntary work can also mean you avoid gaps on your CV.

Find out more about looking for voluntary work on Volunteering.

Last updated 2 months ago