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Applying for jobs: an overview of the process

There's a process to looking and applying for the right job for you. The activities you do during your job search can help you write an effective application form or CV (curriculum vitae). They can also help you in interview situations where you can demonstrate and explain your knowledge and experience.

To see what vacancies and opportunities are out there, have a look at our jobs and work experience section.

Make an effective application

Once you've found an a job you want to apply for, you will need to understand job adverts to help you not only determine what the employer is looking for, but also give you clues on how to write your application. A job advert will give you instructions on how to apply and will also help to illustrate the company culture and values.

To help you demonstrate to an employer what you know and can do, read our article on presenting your skills. Also you should do your research to show your knowledge of the company, the competition and sector.

You can also showcase your experience and products using a portfolio. Read our article on creating a professional portfolio to see advice and tips on using a portfolio effectively.

Use the insight you gain from these activities to write your application formscovering letters and CVs that will get you past the first hurdle.

Prepare for an assessment centre or interview

If you have been successful at the application stage, you’ll find useful advice and tips in our how to prepare for an interview or assessment centre sections. You can also read about psychometric and online tests.

Disclosing a criminal record or explaining a disability

Applying for jobs can be a daunting process and it can be more so if you have a criminal record or have a disability. Read our articles on disclosing a criminal record and explaining a disability to help you decide if, how and when you could inform an employer or prospective employer.

Going for further study or work in academia?

There can be differences in the application process when you’re applying to work in academia or looking to take your studies further. Use our tips and advice to help you prepare for these processes. If you’re applying for teacher training, then our article and booklets on becoming a teacher can help.

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