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Plan your career

How do I become a...?

Career advice and guidance on how to achieve career goals in relation to OU qualifications.

Career planning process

What does career planning mean? What are the steps involved in successful career planning?

Career self-assessment

Tools to help reflect on your interests, values and responsibilities, and life as a whole

Your skills and qualities

Recognise the skills and strengths you’ve developed

Develop your career

Continue to develop your career whatever stage you’re at

Employability skills

How skills from OU study can help you to get a job

Career planning publications

Career publications

Jobs and careers sources of information

A guide to some sources of information available on jobs and careers

OU study and your career

How OU study can help your career

Part-time work

Part-time work

UCAS points and A levels

What to do if you don't have UCAS points of A levels

Voluntary work

The benefits of voluntary work

What is an entrepreneur

Information on what makes an entrepreneur different to other ways of working.

Work experience

The benefits of getting work experience

Further resources for planning your career

Further resources to help you plan your career

Careers contacts

How to contact the Open University Careers service whether you are an employer or a current, former or future OU student

About the Careers and Employability Services

What the OU Careers and Employability Services offer

Becoming a teacher

A few things to consider if you're thinking about becoming a teacher

Coping with job loss

Advice for coping with job loss