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Career decision making

Deciding whether to stay in your role, look for a new opportunity or take a completely different path in your career can feel daunting. This article will help you to find the right choice for you.

You might be worried about not knowing enough about the options open to you, feel that there's too much information to weigh up, or be worried about the consequences of making the wrong choice.

Important decisions can be broken down into a series of smaller ones to make the process feel more manageable. Going back to basics can help you to be clear and positive about what you want moving forward.

You have most likely made many major decisions already over the years regarding your career such as starting a new role, building up new knowledge or skills through study or training, or taking action after being made redundant. Making your next big career decision begins with reflecting on how you’ve approached your career so far. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • How have I previously approached a new career decision?
  • What happened with that decision, did it work out well for me?
  • What can I take forward and apply to my future decisions?
  • What would I do differently if I need to make the same decision again?

Decision making techniques

Different approaches to decision making suit different types of people. Our decision making guide (PDF 1MB) talks you through alternative ways of how you can reframe your problem to come to a decision you are happy with.

Explore Abintegro career decision making resources

If you want to build your confidence and get guidance to make the right decisions based on your current circumstances, future goals and career aims, you can use Abintegro’s career decision making resources.

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