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How do I become a...?

Your first step in getting into a particular job is to learn what that role actually involves. To help you decide and plan how you’re going to get into a specific job, look for information such as:

  1. required skills and attributes
  2. qualifications and training routes
  3. main responsibilities and tasks
  4. salary levels and likely locations
  5. typical working environment, hours and conditions.

You can also explore other job roles that use similar skills and qualifications.

Researching this can help you make an informed decision about your career and help you plan your next steps.

There are a variety of ways to find this information from looking at job profiles, researching subject and sector information to talking to people who work in those careers

Read job profiles

Job profiles give you a breakdown of job roles, including required qualifications, training routes and salary levels. Start your research by looking at a profile relevant to the job you want. Take a look at Prospects who have job profiles by sector and A-Z.

Job profiles and the labour market can vary greatly depending on the country you live in. You’ll find salary and sector information that’s specific to each nation through the following sites.

If you live outside of the UK, search for a national job profile site specific to where you live.

If you live in the UK and are thinking of working abroad a useful starting point would be Targetjobs – Career Ideas.

Learn about jobs and careers related to the subject you're studying

You can gather further insight into job roles and sectors by exploring careers information related to your subject. These links will provide a useful starting point.

  • OU study and your career

    General careers information related to the subject you're studying.

  • Study Home

    Your Study Home site provides careers information and advice tailored to your qualification.

Discuss your ideas with the Careers team

Looking at job profile information often help you make firm decisions about your career direction or can spark new ideas. If you’d like to discuss your ideas or would like further help, request a careers consultation with a member of the Careers team.

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