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CVs: an overview: Using CV builders

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There are several online tools to help you organise and present your information. They’re useful if you don’t feel confident designing your own from scratch but may not always be suited to the complexities of a more developed career. In addition, some online tools are not fully accessible to screen readers. In such instances, you may prefer the freedom to design your own CV on a word processor using the suggested formats included in this article.

Abintegro CV builder

We subscribe to the Abintegro CV Builder as a service to students registered with us.

The Abintegro CV builder can help you to create and format your CV. There are step-by-step instructions to:

  • fill in CV content
  • offer descriptive words and content to guide you
  • video and audio clips with employers' advice.

You can work through the sections and save it in stages, or complete it in one-go. Once your CV is complete, you can download it in various layouts such as technical, chronological, LinkedIn etc.

Other CV tools and services

A range of pre-designed CV templates are also available online, for example Microsoft Word CV templates. Do check whether they’re compatible with your version of Word.

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