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Learning outcomes Strategic study techniques

You'll find that certain study skills are specified in the learning outcomes for your module. They will be called learning outcomes. Make sure that you develop them - they are the key intellectual, practical and professional skills you are expected to gain. They are usually categorised into four groups.

  • Knowledge and understanding - gaining the specific knowledge related to your subject (e.g. facts and concepts in scientific areas).
  • Cognitive skills - thinking skills, such as problem solving and analysis.
  • Practical and professional skills - skills related to a vocational area (e.g. web design or lesson planning).
  • Key skills - skills gained as a result of study, such as communication skills and time management.

The study materials you receive set out the learning outcomes for that module and explain how they are measured. For example, assignments might have marks allocated to how well you demonstrate them. Make sure you know what the specified skills are for your module and keep them in mind as you work.

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