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Introduction Strategic study techniques

Successful students take time to step back from their studies and examine what they are doing and how they are doing it. They may not spend any more time or effort on study and assignments than their less successful peers, but their strategies help them make better use of their time and energy.

In this group of articles we introduce you to some ways of making your time as a student as successful as possible. It covers:

  • how to be an active learner
  • using feedback from your tutor
  • using learning outcomes
  • reflecting on your learning and being aware of your habits
  • reviewing your progress
  • remaining motivated.

Study skills vary between subject areas so if you move from, say, sociology to science, you'll need to give yourself time to develop the particular skills required. Understanding which skills are needed is important. If you find there is a specific skill that you need to develop - such as understanding graphs or making notes as you read - then make a decision to improve that skill and set aside the time to do so.

Last updated 7 months ago