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Strategic study techniques: Remaining motivated

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To be successful in your studies you need to feel motivated and want to learn. Have you identified your goals relating to your studies? Your motivation is helped by having a clear purpose, and a view of

  • your short-term goals, such as getting to grips with a difficult concept, or completing an assignment
  • your long-term goals, which might include your career development, passing a module, or obtaining a qualification.

When study gets tough it can help if you motivate yourself with a small reward. What do you really like doing? Promise yourself a relaxing swim, lunch with a friend, or your favourite TV programme if, for example, you

  • do at least two hours of study each day
  • keep to your schedule
  • send your assignment in on time.
“I now make sure that whatever I'm working on I give myself a reward or a break after forty-five minutes. It's something to look forward to and it keeps me going. It's made a tremendous difference.”

Knowing that your study is contributing to your personal development is very motivating. If you are studying to improve your career then you can make a direct connection between the skills you are learning now and your plans for the future. With each module you complete your confidence will grow as you evaluate your success and see the opportunities you have created for yourself to take on more advanced study. Receiving credit from family, friends and your employer for the achievements you have made through your effort and determination is a powerful motivating force.

Reviewing your progress so far not only gives your confidence a boost, it's an opportunity to assess your skills development and consider where to focus next.

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