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Skills you can develop Social Sciences

As well as the specific subject knowledge gained from studying for an OU degree, you'll develop many transferable and work-related skills that are highly valued by employers and which will increase your employability.

For Social Sciences students the particular employability skills you will develop include the ability to:

  • put together reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • understand the processes of change in society and its institutions
  • draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information
  • communicate concisely, clearly and accurately with others
  • use ICT to research, identify and present information
  • manage time and take on responsibility for your own development
  • respond positively to critical feedback
  • interpret, use and evaluate data.

You will find information about employability skills developed through study of specific degree subjects on the Prospects website.

The OU Careers and Employability Services define employability as "A set of capabilities and achievements that support students in developing their careers, raising their aspirations and enhancing their contribution to society".

Whatever your motivations for study you are entitled to supported personal development planning either as an intrinsic part of your programme of study or through signposted optional activities. You can view the full Student Employability Policy Statement on our website.

OU qualifications

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