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OU qualifications are recognised and valued by many professional organisations and employers. Having relevant experience can be vital in gaining a competitive edge in the graduate employment market.

It's worth remembering that there are many graduate jobs for which a degree subject is not specified by employers and you will need to consider how you present the transferable skills you have successfully gained in your studies, workplace or leisure activities, in job applications and interviews. Many organisations also have their own in-house finance, strategy or research & development departments and job opportunities can be found in less obvious sectors which will help widen your job search.

There are a number of ways you can find potential employers. As an OU student you can:

  • read employers' profiles and view vacancies on OpportunityHub
  • find more information related to your qualification on your Study Home page under the succeed tab, including potential employers and labour market information
  • find tips and advice on job seeking in our Jobs and work experience section.

Mature applicants can offer a greater and quicker return on investment to an organisation by virtue of their previous experiences … Mature applicants often bring greater planning and prioritisation skills, having managed multiple demands on their time.

The Graduate Recruitment Manager of Heinz

We look for a number of competencies in our candidates, such as excellent communication, team work and problem solving skills … I would encourage students to make the most of the opportunities available.

The Graduate Recruitment Manager of the Financial Services Authority

Useful links

  • Succeed in the workplace

    An OpenLearn course to help you to build a robust action plan to find a job.

  • Understanding your sector

    An OpenLearn course to help you find useful information about your sector and take action.

  • Developing career resilience

    An OpenLearn course to help you to understand the factors that influence career resilience, and offer examples and tactics for you to develop yours further.

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