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How to start a business Becoming an entrepreneur

Starting your own business can feel daunting, however, there are several actions you can take to be as confident and prepared as you can be.

  • Develop your soft skills, such as problem-solving - these are crucial when working with others, creating connections, and thinking on your feet with confidence.  
  • Build and expand your network - find beneficial partnerships who will help and push your business further. 
  • Know your budget - be clear on what your outgoings are, what expertise you may need to hire, when you are likely to begin making a profit and how much this will be. 
  • Learn how to strategically market yourself and your enterprise.
  • Be confident in developing and refining your business as it grows.   
  • Be aspirational but remain pragmatic and flexible - small businesses need to adapt and stay relevant, unique, or innovative to survive. 
  • Trust your instincts - and be prepared to listen to your customers and potential customers to really hone what you need to do.
  • Persevere with your enterprise – remember that there will be challenges ahead and you cannot plan for every eventuality, making sure you are ready for the expected will help.

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Last updated 3 months ago