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Specialist technology support Adjustments and support available through the OU

To study with us you’ll need regular and reliable access to the internet and a computer. For most modules you’ll be expected to spend at least a couple of sessions a week working on computer-based activities, and some of this work may be assessed.

Each module has its own website that will help you to plan and organise your study and provides access to support from your tutor and fellow students. You can also use our vast online library.

For a guide on how you can set up your computer or device and find the right alternative formats and tools to help you study, see Studying on a screen.

To find public access computers visit Using other libraries and SCONUL access on our library website.

Additional equipment, technology and support

Many disabled students need specialist equipment (generally referred to as ‘assistive’ or ‘enabling’ technology) and additional personal support to study effectively.

You might, for example, need technology such as:

  • voice recognition software if you have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse
  • text-to-speech software if you struggle to read on a screen
  • screen reader or screen reading software if you are blind or partially sighted
  • a room loop or personal radio aid to amplify sound in a tutorial or other group situation if you are hard of hearing.

Text-to-speech is built in to many systems and devices as well as being available to download. You can find out more about this in Listening to your study material.

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