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Jobs and work experience


Our online job vacancy service

Job seeking

Tips and strategies that can be used to help find a job

Work experience

The benefits of getting work experience

Graduate training schemes

Graduate training schemes including internships


What is networking?

Types of employer

Types of organisations

Home working

The pros and cons of home working

Part-time work

Part-time work

Voluntary work

The benefits of voluntary work


Types of self employment and things to consider

What is an entrepreneur

What are the characteristics and working style of entrepreneurs?

Why further study?

Further study choices that may enhance your career prospects

Questions about working abroad

Questions and answers about working abroad

Advice for mature students

Job seeking tips for mature graduates

Coping with job loss

Advice for coping with job loss

Employer showcase

The Employer Showcase provides information from employers who are particularly keen to recruit OU students and alumni

Equality and diversity

Information and advice on issues of equality and diversity

Case studies of entrepreneurs

Profiles of some successful entrepreneurs including their top tips and advice

Careers contacts

How to contact the Open University Careers service whether you are an employer or a current, former or future OU student

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