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Education skills and careers

The Education sector needs dynamic people with original ideas who can respond to new contexts for learning.

Skills you can develop

As well as the specific subject knowledge gained from studying for an OU degree, you'll develop many transferable and work-related skills that are highly valued by employers and which will increase your employability.

For Education students the employability skills you will develop include:

  • drawing together, analysing and critically evaluating information and research reports
  • communicating effectively, clearly and accurately
  • framing reasoned arguments and questioning assumptions
  • managing time and working independently
  • using information and communications technology (ICT) effectively in the workplace
  • working within a group or team to find solutions to identified problems or to develop arguments
  • thinking critically about your own learning and performance and taking steps to improve it.

To see specific learning outcomes related to degrees in this area have a look at OU Education courses.

To check which skills valued by employers can be developed from studying a particular subject, look at Advance HE - Student Employability Profiles. You will also find information about employability skills that employers are looking for on Prospects.

The OU Careers and Employability Services define student employability as: 'A set of capabilities and achievements that support students in developing their careers, raising their aspirations and enhancing their contribution to society'.

Whatever your motivations for study, your goals and career aspirations, you are entitled to supported personal development planning either as an intrinsic part of your programme of study or through signposted optional activities. You can view our full Student Employability Policy Statement on our website.

Student stories

I loved school and wanted to teach from childhood. I have always been in contact with education...

Christine Edey

Teaching appealed because it was different to what I had done previously and provided an opportunity to use my degree to get into another career...

Lee Smith

To see the experiences of other OU students visit 'What do OU students do'.

Destination statistics

All UK graduates are invited to complete the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Survey six months after they graduate. Of the Open University BA in Early Years graduates who responded to the latest survey:

  • 83.4% were in work, including those both working and studying
  • 16.7% were doing further study while working
  • over 55% of those who remained with the same employer stated their qualification was a formal requirement or an advantage in their present job.

Source: Destination of leavers in higher education (DLHE) 2016/17 data.

OU qualifications

OpenLearn offers a taste of OU study and access to free learning materials linked to education topics.

Find out more about undergraduate and postgraduate study in education and all undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications at OU courses.

A range of non-accredited short courses are available for continuing professional development.

You can also find more information on the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS) website.

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