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Summary of revision techniques Revision techniques

Here's a summary list to print out and hang on your wall near your study area.

Index cards, mind maps and notes

  • use to record key points
  • incorporate pictures, colour, highlighting.

Learning posters and visual material

  • use pattern, colour, symbols and drawings
  • cover key points and topics
  • develop diagrams for your course if relevant
  • pin them up where you’ll see them often.

Key words, phrases, themes or concepts

  • use the course introductions, summaries, key questions to discover what’s key in each block
  • use two or three sentences to define, add course example and diagram if relevant.

Summary tables or grids

  • compare or evaluate competing theories or key people.

Teach someone

  • teach a topic to a fellow student or a friend
  • thinking it through is effective revision
  • fill in the gaps in your knowledge as you identify them.

Reinforce your memory

  • as you end a revision session, review key points
  • review again regularly.

Last updated 2 months ago