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Pain or fatigue

It may not be easy to predict how your studies will be affected if your condition fluctuates, but here's some things to take into consideration.

  • How to organise your study realistically if you have periods when you'll be unable to study.
  • How to maintain your motivation during those periods.
  • Any individual arrangements for your exams or residential school.

Getting the right resources for you

Make sure your student profile explains what you as an individual find difficult and the areas where you require support. Have a preliminary discussion with your tutor and request things that might help you.

Make use of the different formats of study materials available from the Resources section of your module website, such as these.

  • Ebook versions you can read using an E-reader like a Kindle.
  • Word versions you can print off when you want to read offline.
  • Audio versions called DAISY talking books.

You can also make use of recordings of tutorials to help you with taking notes or for tutorials you can’t attend.

Complete the Disability Support Form to ask for the following if they'll be helpful for you.

  • Comb-bound versions of module materials that lie flat, making them easier to handle.
  • Support to participate in online and face-to-face tutorials, for example tutorial notes in advance and notes after tutorials.
  • A discussion with your tutor to agree individual strategies for you to manage your workload and stay on track, such as advice on study priorities.
  • Arrangements for you to record tutorials where recordings weren't made available for any reason.

For more information, and options for completing the Disability Support Form see Timescale for getting disability support. You can also take a look at the adjustments available by study elements to see what we can offer you.

Exam arrangements

Individual arrangements can be made for you where there’s clear evidence that you would otherwise be disadvantaged. Take a look at Exam arrangements for disabled students for more information.

For example, if you find sitting a conventional exam makes you more fatigued or makes your pain worse you might prefer an exam at home and rest breaks.

Residential school

If your module has a compulsory residential school, we’ll work with you to make your stay beneficial and effective. Discuss disability support at residential school with an adviser as early in your module as possible to give us enough time to make arrangements.

If you can't go to residential school in person, an online school may be available so you can fulfil the module requirements.

Last updated 7 months ago