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Limited manual skills, mobility or speech

If your manual skills or mobility are restricted or your speech is impaired we can offer extra resources to help you study successfully and communicate with your tutor and other students effectively.

Things to consider

Your student support team can tell you about parking, access and facilities at tutorials and residential school. If you can’t get to face-to-face tutorials we might be able to arrange individual tuition by telephone, email or, exceptionally, through home visits. We can also help you communicate with your tutor and other students, particularly at tutorials and residential schools.

Your student support team can advise you further. You can arrange to communicate with them by email or letter if you prefer.

Getting the right resources for you

Have you told us your support needs? If not, you can see how to do this on Telling the OU about your disability. If you've already shared this information with us you'll be able to see it on your student profile. Make sure your student profile explains what you find difficult and the areas where you need support. Have a preliminary discussion with your tutor and ask for things that will help you.

To check the accessible formats available on a module go to your module website and look under the Resources section for a link to Downloads. You can also check the accessibility statement for your module in the online prospectus.

To find out more about the support we can offer take a look at Adjustments available by study elements.

Exam arrangements

Individual arrangements can be made for you where there’s clear evidence that you would otherwise be disadvantaged. If you're likely to need extra time or someone to write for you (an amanuensis) in your exam, you must apply to do so at least two months before the exam. Take a look at Exam arrangements for disabled students for more information.

Residential school

If your module has a compulsory residential school, we'll work with you to make your stay beneficial and effective. Discuss disability support at residential school with an adviser as early in your module as possible to give us enough time to make arrangements.

If you can't go to residential school in person, there may be an online school which meets the same core learning requirements for your module.

Professionally trained and registered guide dogs and medical assistance dogs can attend face-to-face venues with you in line with each venue’s policy. You will need to provide evidence, such as a certificate or identification card, to demonstrate that your dog is fully trained to the required standard of behaviour.

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