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Searching online Getting online and searching the web

A search engine is a website that allows you to type in words and phrases (search terms) and search the internet for other websites that contain those words and phrases. Search engines all work in a similar way, although they rank the results of searches by different criteria. Here are some popular search engines.

There is an interesting alternative called DuckDuckGo which doesn't track your online activities and so doesn't set advertisers onto you. See how to search on Google and refine web searches.

Search smarter

By being specific about word order and connections you can get a more relevant result set. You can also search for images in Google either clicking on the word 'Images' at the top of a results page or by going to the advanced image search page.

The OU Library's Being digital has a section devoted to Effective searching.

The OU Library has a wealth of other useful information to help you improve your online searching, including

To search through the OU Library website itself, use their library search page.

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