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Changes to policy and curriculum

Deferral Policy (Microcredentials delivered on FutureLearn) 2023/24

Summary of changes January 2024

Update to Who this policy does not cover section:

• Those studying a Microcredential that is delivered on the Open University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): please refer to Conditions of Registration (Microcredentials hosted on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE))

Summary of significant changes since 2022/2023 version

There are a number of changes from the previous version of this document. These are:

• The title of the document has been updated to make clear that this document applies to Learners studying a Microcredential delivered via the FutureLearn platform.

• The Student Charter Values paragraph has been reviewed and revised for conciseness.

• Wording updated in Section 2 to make clear that if a Learner applies to defer the submission of their Microcredential assignment and their application is approved, there will be no further fee payable to join the course at its next start date.

• Wording updated in Section 3 to make clear that if a Learner fails to submit their assessment and has not contacted FutureLearn to apply for a formal deferral, they will need to reregister and pay the Microcredential fee again in full if they want to repeat study of that Microcredential at a later date.

• Inclusion of a Feedback section if Learners wish to provide any feedback about the document