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Making the most of your learning style

Applying yourself to the learning cycle

It is now widely accepted that the capacity to learn can be improved by

  • analysing how you do things
  • being willing to try new things
  • recognising what works best for you.

Being aware of your learning style and how effectively you are engaging with the learning materials will help you make better decisions about how you study in future.

Rather than rushing through study tasks without pausing, it can be useful to devise a strategy that allows time and space to reflect on what you are doing as you engage in different activities. This can involve

  • stopping to think about what you are learning
  • developing awareness of your feelings and responses as you study
  • recognising the choices that you face (e.g. how to take notes)
  • questioning your assumptions and preconceptions
  • communicating with your tutor, and other students.

The learning cycle: Do it - stop and think at strategic points in your course - review it and learn from it - stop and think at strategic points in your course - plan for next time - stop and think at strategic points in your course.

Diagram of the learning cycle
The learning cycle

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