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Friends and family

Working with others

Many OU modules have tutorials or group work when students meet up in person, online or over the telephone. These are good opportunities to get together, giving students and their tutor a chance to talk about how they are getting on and to help each other out.

Telephone and online tutorials and group work depend on the student having regular, uninterrupted phone or computer access.

If the module has face-to-face tutorials with the tutor your student will have a list of dates and locations. If these are not convenient then students can attend tutorials in another area.

Clash of commitments

When there’s a clash of commitments do try to find a work-around. This can sometimes be tricky as tutorials take place in the evenings or at weekends, so you may need to discuss childcare or domestic arrangements.

I was able to drop my children off at my parent's home on my way to Saturday morning tutorials.

My partner has tutorials on some Saturday mornings, then we always do something all together as a family afterwards.

Online forums

Many OU modules have online forums where students can work or chat together. This facility has reduced the ‘distance’ in distance learning, and students can feel part of a supportive community.

I use the conferencing system quite a lot to keep in touch with other students on my module - it's a great help to be able to contact them while I'm sitting at home, no matter what time of day it is.

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