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Friends and family

Living with an OU student

There is no doubt that learning is about change. Study success often means that students are likely to:

  • feel and look more confident
  • enjoy talking about what they have learned
  • be ready to challenge some of their existing ideas and beliefs
  • improve their employment prospects
  • feel more open to further change.

Family members offer their perspectives on living with an OU student and the changes this has involved.

Family views

He no longer sees the world in terms of what he can't do. Lots of doors have been opened.

She's so much more confident - it was a bit scary at first, but now I feel really proud.

Student views

My wife and I are both studying with the OU on different modules. We try and help each other out by giving each other space to learn and study. We have a child as well so one of us tries to take care him while the other one’s doing an essay. We sometimes check each other's essays before sending them off, just as a final bit of assurance that they’re OK.

My partner is wonderful. Every Saturday afternoon he keeps the kids entertained so I have a stretch of four hours when I can do my studies. That allows us to enjoy family time in the evening and gives me the energy to take over when it comes to putting them to bed.

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