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Changes to policy and curriculum

Supporting Students Subject to Legal licence, Restriction, Condition or Orders

In January 2024, The Open University published the Supporting Students Subject to Legal Licence, Restriction, Condition or Orders Policy for the first time.

The Open University’s vision is to reach more students with life-changing learning that meets their needs and enriches society. As part of this vision, the University is committed to providing opportunities and support for students with unspent criminal convictions, legal restrictions, or orders. However, the University must balance its support of students with unspent criminal convictions fairly with its safeguarding obligations to the entire student and staff community, as well as visitors and attendees of its events. For this reason, the University requires that all applicants and students must declare unspent criminal convictions during the registration process. Additionally, they are expected to do so promptly if such information becomes relevant at any other point during their study. This declaration enables the University to assess each case with due diligence, ensuring appropriate measures are in place to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all.

This policy outlines the declaration process and the adaptations which can be made to study arrangements to ensure a student does not unwittingly breach licence conditions. This policy should be read with the Conditions of Registration and Conditions of Registration for Postgraduate Research Students for the study to be undertaken.