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Changes to policy and curriculum

Student Protection Plan

Summary of significant changes since last version

November 2023:

a)     Amendment to Scope section. Additional students and learners added to the list were those on Higher Technical Qualifications, Vocational Qualifications, Professional Development courses, Collaborative Partnerships and registered at wholly owned subsidiary organisations.

b)     Amendment to the Scope, “What this document does not cover” to qualify that learners studying Microcredentials are covered by this Plan if they are working towards a qualification with The Open University.

c)     Open University Student Charter Principles were updated to Values in line with the Student Charter since its relaunch.

d)     Statements about the Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at The Open University and Safe Space Reporting have been added.

e)     References to APDMs (Apprenticeship Programme Delivery Managers) have been amended throughout the document, as the AEST (Apprenticeship Enrolment and Support Team) is now the primary point of contact for Apprentices. See the glossary for further information.

f)       Amendment to the Introduction, to include the appropriate contact details for the students and learners added to Scope; Higher Technical Qualifications and Vocational Qualifications learners.

g)     Amendment to Section 4.4 to provide specific information relevant to Curriculum Partnerships and Vocational Qualification programmes.

h)     Glossary definitions have been added for both Higher Technical Qualifications and Vocational Qualifications.