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Changes to policy and curriculum

Special Circumstances Policy

Summary of significant changes since last version

There are a number of significant changes from the previous version of this policy (Version 1). These are:

1. New policy template has been used so the layout has slightly changed and wording updated.

2. The wording in some sections has been reviewed and updated to make the information clearer.

3. Wording has been updated to clarify;

a) timescales for submitting special circumstances forms

b) that there are no longer ‘recognised periods of disruption’ when disruption must have occurred to be eligible to submit special circumstances (students can submit special circumstances forms whenever the period of disruption occurred if it has impacted their studies)

c) that Special Circumstances forms will be shared with the student support team, and they may contact the student to offer additional support

d) that the Module Result Panel may not review every Special Circumstances form.

4. Wording has been added to explain when the MRP may review Special Circumstances forms and what action they may take (section 4)

5. Glossary terms have been reviewed and wording updated to make the terms simpler and easier to understand