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Changes to policy and curriculum

Fitness to Practise Procedure

Summary of significant changes since last version

a) A plain English review has been carried out. Communication which was unclear has been developed and improved throughout the procedure.

b) Sections have been repositioned within the document in accordance with changes in the Student Policy template.

c) Qualifications links and programme information within the appendices have been checked and improved.

d) Section 1.3 now includes reference to academic conduct.

e) Section 4 has been amended. In particular:

• Reference to ‘risk assessor’ has been replaced with ‘person who is investigating the concern’, and ‘Module Chair’ has been replaced with ‘Senior Authority’.

• Section 4.4.5 now explicitly includes Union representation, in reference to possible Review Meeting attendees.

• Section 4.4.9 now explicitly includes adjustments for all protected characteristics, where previously only disability was cited.

f) New Section 7.7 has been written. This has repositioned the definitions of exceptional circumstances in which we may share your data. These were previously only found in the glossary definition.

g) New term, Senior Authority has been defined in the glossary.

h) Linked references to distinct programme specific Privacy Notices have been updated and now refer to a single Student Privacy Notice which covers all students and learners.