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Changes to policy and curriculum

Fee Rules 2023/24 (Undergraduate)

This document sets out the rules that affect the fees, Fee Liabilities, Fee Refunds and Fee Credits for Students studying undergraduate modules or qualifications. The document explains the circumstances in which you may receive Fee Refunds or Fee Credits, The Open University’s Discretionary Fee Refunds and Credits policy, when you will become liable to pay fees, as well as what The Open University might do if you do not pay your fees.

Summary of significant changes since previous version

a) References to Apprenticeship Programme Delivery Manager (APDM) have been replaced with references to Apprenticeship Enrolment and Support Team (AEST).

b) The Student Charter Values paragraph has been reviewed and revised for conciseness.

c) Reference to ‘countries' in the Introduction have been amended to ‘nations’ to improve clarity.

d) Section A has been amended to clarify the measures (including the inflationary measures) that are considered by the University when setting fees.

e) References to ‘Lapsed Students’ in this document have been replaced with references to ‘Returning Students’.

f) Clause B5.4.2 amended to remove mention of lapsing registration.

g) Within England, the maximum fee that can be charged for all undergraduate study undertaken as part of a qualification within the 2023/24 Seasonal Academic Year has been updated in line with external conditions to £6,935.

h) Funding within Northern Ireland has been updated in line with external conditions to a cap of £3,532.50 per Seasonal Academic Year.

i) Amendment of title of section “Glossary of terms” to “Glossary”.

j) Addition of glossary term “Continuing student”. Page 3 of 56 Version number: 1.0 Approved by: Delegate of Director, Academic Services Effective from: 1 August 2023 Date for review: March 2024

k) Removal of glossary term “Lapsed student”.

l) Addition of glossary term “New student”.

m) Addition of glossary term “Returning student”.

n) Addition of new section “Feedback”.

o) Removal of Fax contact details for the Residential Schools Team.

p) Addition of new clause Ap3 13, where we state your responsibility to pay your residential school fee.

For more help or information

Please talk to your Student Support Team if you need any further information. You can find out how to contact them on Contact the OU.