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Changes to policy and curriculum

Exam Policy

Summary of significant changes since last version

There are a number of significant changes from the previous version of this policy (dated March 2023). These are:

a) Simplification and clarification of language and removal of repetition to improve understanding

b) Alteration to format and structure to improve usability so that content falls into a “Before Exam”, “During Exam” and “After Exam” structure.

c) Amendments of references to online TMA/EMA service from eTMA system.

d) Addition of “Open University exams” section to summarise general information about exams and how they are held.

e) Clarified the types of exams offered, noting that eight modules are specifically named as using a different system to submit 24-hour exams, due to changes in processes.

f) Renamed “Taking your exam overseas” to “Taking your exam in different time zones” and provided clarification to reflect current practice.

g) Added clarification and corrections to references to the front page of Question Papers, in line with amendments to these.

h) Additional paragraph added at 13.4 to indicate that we make undertake additional verification or invigilation of exams.

i) Added clarification on the actions we will take if we are alerted to an issue during an exam.

j) Added section called “Problems with submissions” to clarify in one place what students should do if they discover a problem with their submission, and the actions we will take if we discover an issue with their submission. This was previously highlighted in different places in the Policy and Remote Exams Handbook and information was inconsistent.

k) Incorporated up to date rules previously only held in the Remote Exams Handbook, which will be decommissioned.