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Changes to policy and curriculum

End-of-module tutor-marked assignment (emTMA) policy

Summary of significant changes since last version

There are a number of significant changes from the previous version of this policy (Version No. 1). These are:

  • a)     New policy template has been used so the layout has slightly changed and wordings updated.
  • b)     The wording in some sections has been reviewed and updated to make the information clearer. 
  • c)     Some wordings regarding the use of OU brand is added under section 2. 
  • d)     A new section 2.1 on incorrect file submission is added to raise awareness on options available to students in such cases.
  • e)     Text is added to section 2.1 to include option for students in cases where submission cut-off date has passed.
  • f)       Reworded the Academic Conduct section with the wording from the revised policy.
  • g)     A link has been updated in section 2.2
  • h)     Section 2.1.1 and 2.2 added from TMA and iCMA policy as it also applies to the emTMA policy.
  • i)       In Section 3.1 text has been added to reiterate that extensions to the emTMA submission deadline are not available. Added reference to Special Circumstances.
  • j)       Glossary terms have been reviewed to ensure they are up to date and to make the terms simpler and easy to understand.