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Changes to policy and curriculum

Conditions of Registration (Short Courses) 2023/24

These Conditions of Registration and the Registration Agreement set out the terms of the agreement between you and The Open University to study an Open University Short Course - a non-credit bearing course that does not count towards any qualification, as set out in the short course sections of The Open University’s online prospectus.

Summary of significant changes since the previous version:

August 2023

a. Clarification to clause A5.8, whereby we state that not all short courses permit the download of materials.

March 2023

There have been several significant changes from the previous version of this policy:

a. Summary of Conditions and Introduction sections have been combined due to repetition across both.

b. Scope section condensed as the document landing page makes clear who the document is for.

c. The Student Charter Values paragraph has been reviewed and revised for conciseness.

d. Removal of the summary of main terms due to repetition and lengthiness.

e. Document has been restructured to mirror the layout of the Conditions of Registration (Taught) and to improve usability. The information and key messages have remained the same. Changes include moving the Alternative Format section to the top of the document and the Summary of significant changes section to the end.

f. Amendments have been made throughout the document to remove repetition, simplify complex clauses, and generally make information clearer, where possible, but without changing the messages being given.

g. Section A3 Statutory Responsibilities has now incorporated the previous Section I6 Safeguarding and Section I7 Prevent to remove repetition.

h. New Section C Your Learning includes new subsection C1 which details our obligations to each other.

i. Addition of C1.4 subsection confirming Short Course students cannot access The Open University Careers and Employability Services.

j. Amendment to Clauses D2.2b) and D2.2c) highlighting that it is the Student’s responsibility to check that their chosen short course is at the right level for their needs. Version number: 1.1 Approved by: Delegate of Director, Academic Services Effective from: 1 August 2023 Date for review: March 2024 Page 27 of 32

k. Section G How we will communicate with you has been reordered to improve flow.

l. Creation of new Section H to include detail from previous A2 and Appendices 1-3 regarding Disclosing Criminal Convictions.

m. New Section I - summary of significant changes (previously at the top of the document).

n. Addition of Feedback section for students to provide feedback on the document.

o. References to Community Support Team, Students in Secure Environments (SiSE) changed to the Disclosures Team and Risk Checks Team where appropriate.

p. Removed contact details of the Community Support Team, Students in Secure Environments (SiSE) and replaced with contact details for the Disclosures Team and Risk Checks Team.

For more help or information

Please talk to your Student Support Team if you need any further information. You can find out how to contact them on Contact the OU.