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Changes to policy and curriculum

Terms and Conditions 2021/22: Microcredentials

In March 2021, The Open University published its new Terms and Conditions 2021/22: Microcredentials for the first time.

These Terms and Conditions apply to registration for an Open University Microcredential. Microcredentials created by The Open University are studied on the FutureLearn platform, which is accessed via the FutureLearn website.

The changes made:

There have been several significant changes to this policy:

  1. Summary of Conditions section inserted.
  2. Terms and Conditions superseded by this document inserted.
  3. Additional paragraph added to the Scope section to note that the Conditions document may be updated throughout the year to correct errors, improve clarity or accessibility, or to reflect changes in legal or regulatory requirements.
  4. Vocational learners added to the out of scope section.
  5. Applicable course start dates updated within the Scope section.  
  6. Addition of references to the “Deferring your microcredential policy” (Related Documentation, B5 “Deferring your microcredential”).
  7. Removal of references to the Computing Policy in Information and Guidance section, and Section H.
  8. Rewording of paragraphs A2.1 and Ap1.1 to provide clarification that learners who have a criminal conviction, are not required to disclose this in order to study at the Open University.
  9. Amendment to paragraphs A3.2 and B4 which currently reference the Equality Act (2010), to account for other statutory duties and obligations.
  10. Rewording of paragraph B1.2 to provide clarification.
  11. Rewording of paragraph B1.3 to provide clarification that this refers to Postgraduate Research Degree Students.
  12. Rewording of paragraph B3.2 to provide clarification.
  13. Addition of new paragraph B5: “Deferring your Microcredential”.
  14. Rewording of paragraph C1.2 to provide clarification: “If you cancel after 14 calendar days from the start date of your Microcredential, you will not receive a refund of any fees you have paid.”
  15. Addition of new Section J: Fitness to Study to explain that registration to study with The Open University required you to agree to engage with the Fitness to Study Policy if requested by The Open University.
  16. Related amendment to paragraph C3.1 d) to add that The Open University may cancel your registration or enrolment at any time “due to a voluntary or imposed study break following a Fitness to Study Stage 3 Case Conference Panel in accordance with the Fitness to Study Policy.”
  17. Removal of the term ‘financial’ from the penalty mentioned in C4.5.3.
  18. Rewording of paragraph D3.1 to provide clarification “If you do not pay your fees or you do not provide an approved payment method”.
  19. New Glossary definition added to describe Case Conference Panel.
  20. Additional clarification to paragraph Ap2.1 to explain that disclosure in this Clause relates to any legal restrictions and conditions that you are currently subject to or become subject to during the course of study.

For more help or information

Please talk to your Student Support Team if you need any further information. You can find out how to contact them on Contact the OU.