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Changes to policy and curriculum

Arts and Humanities qualifications (R14, W59 and T32) - Qualification amendments

The Open University plans to make some changes to Stage 1 of the following qualifications from October 2021:

  • BA (Honours) in Arts and Humanities (R14)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Arts and Humanities (W59)
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Arts and Humanities (T32)

From October 2020 we will introduce two new 60 credit interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities modules; each will include content from four Arts and Humanities disciplines:

  • Cultures (A112) will combine the study of Art History, Classical Studies, Creative Writing and English Literature
  • Revolutions (A113) will combine the study of History, Music, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

These two modules will replace the existing recommended Arts and Humanities interdisciplinary Stage 1 module, Voices, Texts and Material Culture (A105). Moving from one module to two offers more discipline content at Stage 1, which will provide a more discipline-specific path of study through students' qualifications.

Following the introduction of these modules, the number of optional modules available at Stage 1 will be reduced. From October 2021, students on our Arts and Humanities qualifications will need to study 60 credits from the following list of modules:

  • Cultures (A112) – worth 60 credits
  • Revolutions (A113) – worth 60 credits
  • Introducing the social sciences (DD102) – worth 60 credits
  • Investigating the social world (DD103) – worth 60 credits
  • Investigating Psychology 1 (DE100) – worth 60 credits
  • Investigating Psychology 2 (DE200) – worth 60 credits
  • Investigating Psychology 3 (DE300) – worth 60 credits
  • Introducing English language studies (L101) – worth 60 credits
  • Exploring languages and cultures (L161) – worth 30 credits
  • English for academic purposes online (L185) – worth 30 credits
  • Bon départ: beginners' French (L192) – worth 30 credits
  • Rundblick: beginners' German (L193) – worth 30 credits
  • Portales: beginners' Spanish (L194) – worth 30 credits
  • French studies 1 (intermediate) (L112) – worth 30 credits
  • German studies 1 (intermediate) (L113) – worth 30 credits
  • Spanish studies 1 (intermediate) (L116) – worth 30 credits
  • Making your learning count (YXM130) – worth 30 credits

All other module options currently available to study on these qualifications will no longer be available for students to register on from October 2021. If a student wishes to complete one of the optional modules currently available to study, they must do so before this date.

Please talk to your Student Support Team if you need any further information. You can find out how to contact them on Contact the OU.