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Changes to policy and curriculum

Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Warning: the content within this page reflects the information available to students in the 2019/20 academic year. As such, this information may no longer be factually accurate.

In November 2019 a number of changes were implemented to the Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure. These changes potentially affect all students.

The changes made

  1. Change of name from OUSA to the OU Students Association
  2. Inclusion of VQ and Futurelearn learners in ‘Who these procedures apply to’
  3. Supporting Information now includes all information relevant to complaints and appeals rather than setting it out separately
  4. Studying with FutureLearn – new information
  5. Vocational Qualification Learners – new information
  6. Timescale for responding to formal and final stage complaints and appeals increased from 10 working days to 15 working days
  7. Advice to students that, where permitted and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation, evidence considered at the formal stage of the complaints and appeals procedures will be provided with the Decision Letter (complaints and appeals).
  8. Clarification regarding the role of the Casework Manager in reviewing cases on behalf of the VC Delegate at the Review stage (complaints and appeals)
  9. Delete reference to Nursing and Social Work

Please talk to your Student Support Team if you need any further information. You can find out how to contact them on Contact the OU.