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Do your research for when you're applying for jobs

Whether you’re drafting an application, CV or covering letter - employers want to hear what you know about them and why you’ve picked them. Researching the company you’re applying too will help you find this information, so that you can draw on it in your application; an essential step in attracting the employer to want to know more about you. It can also showcase and evidence the time and effort you have taken to research the company and sector.

Learn about the company culture and ethos

You may not have all the necessary information from the job advert and you may want to learn more about the company you are applying to.

Learn about the culture, ethos, values and future direction on company websites. You can usually find out:

  • when the organisation was founded
  • what services they offer
  • their mission statement
  • company values
  • latest news.

Use search engines for news and information about the company. This can sometimes yield interesting results from industry news stories, comments on internet forums, reports on (or by) competitors and also staff appointment announcements.

Look at the company’s social media channels. Most have a presence on the business networking site LinkedIn, but more and more organisations are utilising other channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Learn about the sector and industry

You can develop insight into the sector to help you build a picture of the nature of the role and wider company direction. You can also draw attention to your knowledge of the whole sector.

Local and national newspapers can help you find labour market information.

Useful resources

Abintegro Industry reports

Abintegro provides the latest insight and regular reports into labour market information across various sectors so you can keep up to date with the news that is impacting roles across industries and locations. Access the industry reports using the following link. For help with signing into Abintegro see the information in the following section.

Signing into Abintegro

If you are a current OU student, recent graduate or alumni, you can sign in to Abintegro resources using your OU Microsoft Office 365 sign in details (your OU email address ending in and the password you use to sign in to the OU).

If you haven’t used your OU Microsoft Office 365 account before see Microsoft Office 365.

If you’re a new student you will need to wait for 5 days after your module has started before accessing Abintegro.

If you graduated or completed your study within the last three years and do not have a Microsoft Office 365 account, but would like to access Abintegro resources, please complete a request a graduate account form. Please allow 5-7 working days for a response.

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