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Autistic spectrum disorder

You probably have a very individual mix of strengths that will be an advantage in your studies such as good visual and spacial skills, good long-term memory, an individual talent or skill or an exceptional ability to focus on a topic or interest.

However you'll also be aware that you have an individual mix of difficulties that may disadvantage you, such as difficulties with social interaction, accommodating change or with abstract concepts.

Things to consider

It might be hard to predict how your studies might be impacted by your autistic spectrum disorder. Have a think about these points.

  • How you'll manage interactions with your tutor
  • How you'll manage interaction with other students in face-to-face situations, as well as in online tutorials and on forums
  • How to make sure you have realistic study goals

Getting the right resources for you

Make sure your student profile explains what you as an individual find difficult and the areas where you require support.

Have a preliminary discussion with your tutor and request things that might help you, such as being given

  • clear unambiguous instructions
  • notification of any changes, for examples to tutorials, so that you have time to adapt your strategies to the changed circumstances
  • reasonable expectations about the support your tutor can give and what sort of support that might be
  • advice on how to deal with assignments if your module asks you to study and discuss abstract concepts.

You can also take a look at the adjustments available by study elements to see what we can offer you.

Working with others

If you have concerns about working in a group with other students, you could

  • explain to other students any difficulties you have with social interaction, or ask your tutor to explain for you
  • Ask for extra phone, email or one-to-one support from your tutor if you find group tutorials particularly difficult.

Exam arrangements

Individual arrangements can be made for you where there’s clear evidence that you would otherwise be disadvantaged. Take a look at Exam arrangements for disabled students for more information.

Residential school

If your module has a compulsory residential school, we’ll work with you to make your stay beneficial and effective. Discuss disability support at residential school with an adviser as early in your module as possible to give us enough time to make arrangements.

If you can't go to residential school in person, an online school, which meets the same core learning requirements may be available so you can fulfil the module requirements.

Last updated 1 year ago