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Student Policies and Regulations

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  • Assessment Handbook

    The Assessment Handbook sets out The Open University's general policy relating to the different types of assessment you may have to complete for your modules.

  • Assessment Handbook (Microcredentials)

    The Assessment Handbook (Microcredentials) outlines The Open University’s policies relating to the assessment tasks you may have to complete as part of your course and explains the outcomes and/or result you will receive. This Handbook provides you with the general rules and regulations for completing and submitting your assessment task and explains the result grades we use, while separate course-specific information on your microcredential website will tell you about the individual assessment task for your microcredential.

  • Assessment Banking Rules

    The Assessment Banking Rules set out the conditions you will have to meet if, when you defer an eligible module, you wish to retain the scores from assessments you have completed.

  • Assessment through the Medium of Welsh

    Mae'r polisi hwn a chanllawiau perthnasol wedi cael eu llunio fel rhan o ymateb Y Brifysgol Agored i Hysbysiad Cydymffurfio Swyddfa Comisiynydd y Gymraeg a gyflwynwyd i'r Brifysgol Agored. Nod yr hysbysiad cydymffurfio yw sicrhau bod Y Brifysgol Agored yn bodloni gofynion diwygiedig Mesur y Gymraeg (Cymru) 2011. Rhan o'r telerau hyn yw bod myfyrwyr sy'n byw yng Nghymru yn cael cyflwyno aseiniadau neu sefyll arholiadau drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, a dylai'r polisi hwn a chanllawiau cysylltiedig amlinellu sut y bydd hyn yn cael ei weinyddu.

  • Code of Practice for Student Assessment

    These regulations define how your study will be assessed.

  • Terms and Conditions: Microcredentials (Courses starting from 2021 onwards)

    These Terms and Conditions apply to registration for an Open University Microcredential. They set out the terms of the agreement between you and The Open University, and refer to policies, guidance documents and codes of practice listed in Related Documentation. These documents set out the details of your rights and obligations as a Learner of The Open University studying a Microcredential and you are entering into a legal agreement.

  • Academic Conduct Policy

    This policy defines ‘plagiarism’ and highlights how to avoid academic misconduct.

  • Academic Regulations

    These regulations, together with the Conditions of Registration, define the basis of the academic relationship between the student and the University.

  • Deferring your Microcredential Policy

    This policy applies to Learners studying an Open University Microcredential via the FutureLearn platform. This policy does not apply to those studying any other modules and/or qualifications offered by The Open University.

  • Care Experienced Students Policy

    This policy sets out the support available for students who are care experienced and how to let the University know if you are care experienced.

For more information about changes to policy, terms and conditions, and curriculum visit the change log.